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Brunno Di Olive and Rafael Alves consolidate partnerships to arrange athletes, DJs and models

Brunno Di Olive has been involved in transactions in the Asian territory since 2014 and, along with his brother and partner Rafael Alves, he has established himself as a forerunner and vanguard in the art of developing and managing careers.

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Rafael Alves, who today has more than 60,000 athletes in training through his online course to train players for the next generation in football, a course starring Willian Borges, former Chelsea player and current Corinthians player, has the same attributes as brother Brunno, since he wrote and directed the entire course, being the forerunner in this athlete training market and later copied by several other players who had their respective courses launched.

With offices in Dubai and London, Rafael Alves stands out as entrepreneurs in the world in football, being the only one in the field to have direct access to Asian clubs. It is noteworthy that, with the onset of the pandemic, the communist country is completely closed to traffic in the territory, Rafael Alves, together with his partner, and brother, Brunno Di Olive, have authorization and position themselves as the only ones to be able to hold face-to-face meetings within the China.

The brothers who are pioneers in the implementation of online training for athletes and models, continue making history and teaching how to make it happen, and are strengthened by uniting their respective companies to reach more young targets in their business.

Rafael Alves, who is also responsible for the first transfer of a football player from Brazil to Canada in football history, the transfer of the athlete Galhardo to the Canadian team VALOUR FC., marks history with a big deal before his 30s . By the way, making good deals, making dreams come true and earning the first million before the age of 30, is the family's trademark, since Brunno Di Olive is one of the most famous Brazilian millionaires abroad, in the under 30 list.

Hard work, with planning and focus, results in growth, innovation and also provides space for philanthropy and opportunity, say Brunno Di Olive and Rafael Alvez.

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